Every personal safari is handmade just for you and your partner or your family!
Let us know, what do you imagine under your safari! We will make it possible!

Tsavo East and West is like our home because we have lived in Tsavo East Park with our Tarhi Camp for more than 10 years! But even in Amboseli, Masai Mara or other parks and game reserve we offer unforgettable game safaris!
Every safari is possible direct from Airport Mombasa or Nairobi and of course from your hotel!

For example we offer:

start from Mombasa
2 nights Tsavo East
2 nights Tsavo West
3 nights Tsavo West and East
4 nights Tsavo West, East and Amboseli
7 nights Tsavo, Nairobi, Masai Mara
8 nights Nairobi, Solio Ranch, Samburu Reservat
10 nights people, game and country

family special offer

Lady safaris - all safaris can be booked as special lady safaris (just for woman) and will be guided from Margit

Birding safaris - we can go with an ornithologists. As well you will see a lot of Big Game!

Rhino safari - overnight on Sandai Farm; game drive on Solio Game Ranch; for this safari we give you a garantie for watching rhinos! As well you will see a lot of other game. This safari can be combinated with Samburu reserve or Aberdares; as well with Masai Mara or Tsavo! Minimum 4 days!

Tsavo special incl. visit of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Voi and overnight in Ithumba (just for member, please ask to get a member or view: www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/)

Ballon safaris (Lake Elementaita and Masai Mara)

ballon safari masai mara

start from Nairobi
3 nights Masai Mara
5 nights Sandai Farm, Samburu Reserve
7 nights Amboseli, Tsavo east and west

All examples are just basic package and can be extended and expanded much as you like!
Maybe 10 nights Tsavo and Amboseli or 14 nights Tsavo!
Next to big game safaris we offer unforgettable tours to learn about land and its people!

Please ask for your own private safari!

kwa heri ya kuonana
yours Jörg

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7 Tage / 6 Nächte im Rock Side Camp Safariangebot ab 840,- Euro p.P.

Adopt an Elephant

family special offer

meeting elephants
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