Your personal safari-dream is our desire!

KIWARA Safaris specialize in tailor-made safaris around Tsavo and the most beautiful nationparks in Kenya away from mass-tourism-circuits!

Stachelschweinstacel, Kenya Tsavo Ost National Park

Your holiday-dreams of kenya we will make possible!
KIWARA safaris personalize in small groups of guests which we give you true feelings of the bush.we have had 25 years experience in the safari-business, running camps and taking clients on unforgettable game-drives. KIWARAs ambition is to cater for your needs and we organize your safari to your wishes.

Tarhi Camp, Kenya Tsavo Ost National Park

Margit and I, Trevor Jennings, who are the owners of KIWARA Safaris with a fourth-generation background in kenya, cater not only for the bush-experience, but can also give you sea-safaris with deep-sea-fishing, diving, snorkeling, mangrove-trips, balloon-safaris, horse-riding-trips and bird-watching. We can also organise a combination of the majestical Indian Ocean and the wild-romantic landscape of Kenya!

All safaris are conducted by our own well-equipped and insured vehicles with four wheel drive and open roof!
We specialize also in booking your airport-transfers, accomodation at the beach or in the bush, if wished by you.

Please contact us for any inquiries - we fulfill all your dreams in a perfect way.

kwa heri ya kuonana katika Tsavo


Wild dog, Black Rhino, Striped Hyaena - in Tsavo you can watch much more game as you think!

Kiwara Safari, Elefanten; Kenya Tsavo Ost National Park Kiwara Safari, Löwen; Kenya Tsavo Ost National Park Kwara Safari, Wildhund im Tsavo Ost National Park Kiwara Safari, Zebras; Kenya Tsavo Ost National Park

safari highlight - Masai Mara

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Kiwara private Safari, Kenya Tsavo East National Park

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Kiwara privat Safari, Fusspirsch; Tsavo Ost National Park
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Kiwara privat Safari, Leopard; Kenya Tsavo Ost National Park
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Kiwara privat Safari, Lunch im Bush; Masai Mara
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Kiwara privat Safari, Löwen, Kenya Tsavo Ost National Park
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Rotschnabeltoko im Tsavo
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