KIWARA Safaris Ltd. is operating from Diani Beach, Kenya.

The team

Trevor Jennings Trevor Jennings
Owner, director and safari guide
Trevor is born in Kenya. The Jennings family lives in Kenya since four generations and Trevor spend more than half of his life in the wildernes of Tsavo national park! After building and managing some camps in Tsavo like Ndololo, Satao or Tarhi Camp he founded together with Margit KIWARA Safaris Ltd.

Margit Ruggieri
Owner, director and safari guide
Margit is born in the south of germany and starts her life together with Trevor 10 years ago in Tsavo East Park!
After exciting years direct in the wildernes, she starts doing her own safaris with Tarhi Camp guest. Exactly like Trevor, the Tsavo and Amboseli Parks are her home. She knows a lot of nice and special places in the bush
and she loves it, to share this places with her safari guest!
Margit Ruggieri

Katana Katana James
driver and safari guide
Working as a safari guide since many years and with a lot of feeling for game and guest. He is not only a good and careful driver, he is even a very good spotter and knows exactly what the guest like. We have many guests who want to enjoy every safari with Katana! And we are happy that he works with us!

on safari

Jörg Reinecke Jörg Reinecke
tour operator and booking office in germany
Jörg is doing his own private safaris in Kenya since more than 20 years.
As a good friend of Margit and Trevor is he managing the booking´s and the webside for KIWARA!
As well he is doing the safari planing and maintains contact with the guest!

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